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Wednesday, March 7th 2012

2:19 AM

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Throughout his adult life Oleg lived as if in two ways. First - it is normal. This, like the majority. Natural. Flat in communicating with colleagues, backslapper with friends, a loving son to parents, a nice guy for the girls, just a very nice person to everyone else. The second hypostasis - it was his secret life, the existence of which no one knew. This secret life included frequent and brief acquaintance with the young boys, mostly at the station, eat, and all that follows thereafter. No, of course, was not always so - to a life of Oleg's come quite recently. And before that there were night clubs profile and friends on the topic, and familiarity with habalkami outspoken, and generally, what can I say - a little bit more would be - and he would be drawn into a life completely. But no. Changed his mind, settled down when he realized that this precarious line between his two lives can fail suddenly and then the scary to imagine what could happen. And when he realized it had to break with all his old acquaintances. Tear sharply painful, but, nevertheless, finally. I had to even change your phone number (it cost him a lot of effort, and money is not so much as moral - to come up with a convincing excuse for parents). What to do when one of his numerous friends girls vowed to avenge the outraged love and began nazvanivat on the phone talking with a nasty drawling voice. It's just a luck that took up time, Oleg. But once raised by her mother. Again, luck - mother just seemed to call some very cheeky girl, and without much discussion, it otshila it. But it could not last forever - it is, and even many minor issues prompted by Oleg for such radical changes. At least the address of his home, he did not give anyone enough time to prudence. But be that as it was not a sharp break with its past, Oleg even tried to immerse themselves in their first hypostasis, focusing entirely on the kind of life. That's it, that tried. Back pulled, pulled hard, and sometimes sharply, as if he did not resist it. As if bound hand and foot wide rubber bands, he tried to escape on their own, natural Ya At first it could quite easily, but the farther he moved away, the more he was drawn back. Nasty rubber band consistently returned it to yourself. More and more ...

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Wednesday, March 7th 2012

12:00 AM

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